Piece of Our Puzzle LLC offers behavioral services for children who are exhibiting challenging behaviors. We use the knowledge of our therapists and the passion of our families to create amazing achievements




Preschool Services

​Please visit www.thepuzzleacademy.org for more details on enrollment, scheduling and tuition rates. 

Services For Children Include:

  • ABA Instruction
  • Behavioral Teams
  • Parent Training
  •  FBA, VB-MAPP, ABAS-3 and GARS assessments 
  • Preschool Program (please visit www.thepuzzleacademy.org)

improving the quality of life, knowledge and understanding of our special needs children

preschool services

Piece of Our Puzzle 

  • Trained & Licensed Staff
  • Quality Programs
  • Individualized Curriculum & Behavioral Plans 
  • Passionate Instructors
  • Successful Outcomes
  • Community Involvement