Behavior Support Team

Parent Training

Regardless of education level, experience, or training - there is always something to learn. We can help you develop a successful behavior rewards system, identify the ABC's of behaviors, or create visual aides and schedules to regulate your day. Whatever your concern or question may be, we have the tools to help you

children's Services

Respite Care

Take a day for yourself! We know that the demands of a child with any type of need can be overwhelming. Let us take help you out by providing in-home respite care. Our certified staff will provide you with the comfort of being able to relax for a change.

Early Intervention Services in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County

We work in providing quality services for your child in school, home, or community settings in the form of special instruction (certified special education teachers), ABA therapists, and behavioral consultants. Contact Elwyn (for Philadelphia) if your child is between the ages of 3-5 at 215-222-8054, Montgomery Intermediate Unit (for Montgomery County) at 484-685-1856 or BCIU (for Bucks County) at 1-800-770-4822, extension 1716 for an intake and then ask for Piece of Our Puzzle as a provider.

The Behavior Specialist Consultant's (BSC) role is to provide assessments, program design, monitoring, and training for staff/parents. The BSC designs and directs the implementation of a behavior modification plan and is an integral part of identifying needs, behavioral goals, and objectives. The BSC works closely with the personal care assistant (PCA) whose job is to wok 1:1 with the child, while implementing interventions.

   ABA Instruction

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) begins with an assessment administered by a trained therapist to determine what skills a child already has as well as what skills a child shows deficits in. Programs are created to address the deficits yet build on acquired knowledge using incidental teaching, discrete trial training, and positive reinforcement. These programs work on receptive and expressive language, social skills, and behaviors.

Piece of Our Puzzle will administer the VB-MAPP and ABLLS-R for those in need of testing for further services

Piece of Our Puzzle 

Social Skills Groups

Many of our children prefer to play alone or alongside peers while others prefer the social presence of an adult as opposed to a peer. Our groups will work on the development of appropriate social skills that your child will be able to use with friends and family.  We will model and teach the different ways to play with peers regardless of means of communication. We want to really drive home that social piece that can be so difficult to develop naturally, and we want to do so on an individual basis.